buys DimDim web conferencing company

January 7, 2011

Serious Stuff, Steve

Dimdim officially announced today its acquisition of Indian web conferencing company Dimdim for approximately $31 million in cash. It is anticipated that will integrate DimDim’s features into their SaaS Chatter product.

The DimDim website now allows only existing customers to login, with a note that new registrations are not being accepted. The open source community edition is still available for download from Sourceforge but will no longer be maintained by All free accounts are being shut down.

DimDim was (is) a component of the Knowledge Hub (a project I’m deeply involved with)  and would have provided a free-to-use conferencing facility for Gov/Local Gov users of theThe Knowledge Hub when it is launched later this year. The full implications to the Knowledge Hub project are being assessed.

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2 Responses to “ buys DimDim web conferencing company”

  1. doubious_code Says:

    Have you looked at BigBlueButton as an alternative? Heard it compared to #dimdim on @FLOSSweekly: Looks like the publicity has scuppered for the moment but you can check them out at and


  2. Stephen Dale Says:

    Many thanks for the BigBlueButton prompt. haven’t come across it before….looks promising. I’ll discuss with our developers.


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