The Straits (without Dire) performing at the Royal Albert Hall last night, 22 May 2011.

May 23, 2011


The Straits (Dire Straits without Mark Knopfler) performing Sultans of Swing at a Lords Taverner’s charity event at the Royal Albert Hall, yesterday eveny, 22 May 2011. The first time they have performed together for 20 years. Where did all that tiem go? ! sometimes think I’me living in a time warp. Anyway, it was all utterly brilliant, with proceedings ably led by Alan Clark, former keyborad player with Dire Straits.  They should do a tour – with or without MK.

I’ve included a short video clip of their performance. Apologies for the sound quality – due to my mobile phone rather than what was actually produced by the band.



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